Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Early (May-June) Photos of our Flower & Vegetable Gardens

My second year perennial garden in a wannabee Cottage Style

Pink Columbine, Biedermeier Mix

Dirty Gardener on the Job

Swan Pink & Yellow Columbine

Pink Bleeding Heart

Unknown Purple Iris

Kitty garden art in honor of my dearly departed cat, Rubaiyat

Cottage Pinks

Campanula Blue Clips

Anytime Rose Stocks

Peaches 'N' Dreams Hollyhocks

Bare earth just waiting to become K's vegetable garden.

Beginning to make the boxes

Box frames ready

Final garden plan, early June picture

Long shot of both gardens in progress

Little Eggplant flower

Jack and Zoe want to help!

More information to be added! Check back soon.

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Mr. and Mrs. Munster said...

Hello! I'm helping find photos to post on the website of the Friends School Plant Sale, one of Minnesota's largest annual plant sales. It's a nonprofit school fundraiser put on by all volunteers. Would you be willing to allow us to use this lovely photo of Stocks 'Anytime Rose' for the website?

Best regards,


Guinan 1990?-2009

Griffin ?-2010