Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vintage 1950s film: A Streetcar Named Desire

Hubba Hubba

Stanley and Blanche

Stanley and Stella

Jessica Tandy

Natasha Richardson

What new thing can I say about A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)? You've probably long known the story of animalistic, insensitive Stanley Kowalski,
his passionate marriage with Stella, and how everything falls apart when her fragile southern belle sister, Blanche, comes for an extended visit. We know all about the star turns of Marlon Brando (and seriously, how hot is he in this film?), Vivien Leigh and Kim Hunter. So, I did some internet surfing and branched out a bit. I found that Streetcar originally starred the lovely Jessica Tandy in a stage version that also included Brando and Hunter. Noteable Blanches also include Jessica Lange, Natasha Richardson, Rachel Weisz and Marge Simpson ;). Hot but dangerous Stanleys were Alec Baldwin, John C. Reilly and Ned Flanders (Who knew?). The play seems to have been performed on stages from high schools to Broadway, from ballet to musicals to drag shows and by people of diverse age, race and sex. With the Zombie trend going on these days I wouldn't be surprised to see an undead version!

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