Friday, November 6, 2009

Vintage 1920s Silent Film: The Hands of Orlac

I watched this at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church the night before Halloween. They show a creepy silent movie annually, and their organist improvises the music. It is great fun sitting in the crowded sanctuary in the dark, eating popcorn or animal crackers and seeing a new old favorite.

The Hands of Orlac is about a pianist (Conrad Veidt) who loses his hands in a train wreck, only to have them replaced by the hands of the notorious robber and murderer Vasseur. Orlac feels that his new fingers are not to be trusted, and he will no longer play music or touch his wife with the villianous digits. They soon lose their money and are unable to pay the bills. Will Orlac be able to repair his life, or will evil conquer him?

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