Sunday, November 15, 2009 : My favorite website to dream on

If you need a touch of beauty and glamour to perk up your day, click right now to see the website for Antique Dress . She has just gorgeous things listed.

Fabulous coat.* c. 1926/1927: read description Here

Simply divine Victorian Corset

Sassy 1940's set

Also look at the museum collection. Here are some gems:

1912 Pink Silk Gown

1914 Gold Lame Hobble Gown

1930s Floral Lame Chiffon Gown

I'm crazy in love with these c. 1900 Camibloomers !

Click to see the rest of this c 1900 Dressing Gown Confection

1930s Nightgown & Peignoir

Oh, if I were a rich girl!

*Cleery's possibly hypocritical fur disclaimer: I would not personally buy new fur items, but I figure with vintage fur, you're just ensuring that it doesn't go to waste and the animal(s)didn't die in vain. Thank you for reading my blather.

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