Friday, September 18, 2009

Rest in peace Guinan ?1990-2009

Cuddling in 2006

We lost our oldest cat, Guinan yesterday. She was about twenty years old, and she was failing, so we had to put her down. It was a bad and sad day and she is really missed. My husband had her almost her entire life. I was privileged to be her Mama for two and a half years.

Guinan was a gutsy, sassy girl. She was very bossy about mealtimes, and in the morning she would pat your face with her foot until you woke up and fed her. This was not always gentle, and it could result in little scratches. Once you were up,she would escort you down each step of the staircase, looking up into your face to ensure that you were with the breakfast program.

She was very stubborn and we used to joke that the roof could fall down around her and she still wouldn't move from her chosen spot. She loved sunshine and flowers. We thought that she could levitate because she could always find a way to chew a bouquet of flowers, no matter how high up we placed them. She loved to be put in the window overlooking the back yard, so she could sit in the sun, be petted and oversee the goings on outside.

After I got home from work, Guinan would come and sit with me and cuddle up under my chin. She slept at the foot of my side of the bed. At the vet's they said that we were lucky to had a cat with such a great spirit. I will always love her.


Anonymous said...

It's so hard to have to say goodbye to your pet, no matter how right the decision is. You have my sympathy--she was a beautiful cat.


Knitting In The Stacks said...

Dear Donell, I'm so sorry about Guinan. Our pets become a big part of your familys and it's so hard when they die because they leave such a big hole in our lives. Knowing you Guinan was luck to such a loving catmom.

Donell said...

Thank you both- it means a lot.


Guinan 1990?-2009

Griffin ?-2010