Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vintage 1940s Film: State Fair

Emily sings

Eleanor can't go to the fair!

This film of State Fair came out in 1945 and apparently was the second version of the story, with a 1933 and 1962 film bookending it. This one has Jeanne Crain starring as innocent country girl Margy, with Dana Andrews as Pat, her newspaperman love interest. Margy has a boring
fiance back on the farm and is filled with general dissatisfaction, but when her family travels to the State Fair and she meets Pat, things definitely perk up. Her brother Wayne (Dick Haymes) has a lovely girl at home, Eleanor (Jane Nigh), but then he meets sexy redhead Emily (Vivian Blaine), a savvy woman with a great singing voice and a secret (interestingly, it appears that Ann Margaret played this part in the 1962 remake). Margy and Wayne 's parents (Fay Bainter and Charles Winninger) have fun at the fair too, with potential prize winning pickles, mincemeat (with a secret ingredient!) and a great big boar named Blue Boy. They also take in a slightly naughty show together, with a chorus line of pretty girls in little red costumes.
Since this is a Rodger's and Hammerstein musical, I found the songs pretty enjoyable, especially "It's a Grand Night for Singing" and "Isn't It Kinda Fun." The ladies' costumes tend to be sweet rather than slinky, except for the glamorous Emily, but they are still quite pretty, as you can see above. I love the red velvet and cherries number!
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My favorite musical is Auntie Mame. I love Roslin Russell.


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