Monday, November 24, 2008

Today's Red Lipstick

I have many red lipsticks. I'm on the red lipstick quest. I know it's illogical, but it seems like the perfect red lipstick might make me almost perfect too. Or something...

At least it gives a vintage inspired glamorous look.

I have a few criteria for my reds. The lipstick should stay on my mouth. No bleeding or smearing onto my teeth. (Nothing screams Crazy Lady! like red lipsticked teeth). I prefer a long-wear color, but that might be too much too ask. Blue-reds should not turn fuchsia!

Today's new color is Covergirl Outlast in 521- Eternal Flame. Actually, I wore it yesterday. I'm having a crazy hard time describing the color. I wouldn't call it orange red or blue red, I think on me it was more of a brown red, with a sort of almost metallic finish like car paint. Sounds great doesn't it? Maybe russet is the color description that I'm looking for. I was trying to match a dark berry red sweater.
Outlast's color is liquid and applies with a sponge tip. The gloss top coat is a stick. The red went on smoothly, but I found little flakes of it on my teeth throughout the day. I will give it a another chance because I might have applied it too heavily. It didn't bleed and it really did last. I ate a Zone bar and it didn't budge. When I ate lunch, the inner part of my lips became bare, so it was necessary to reapply. The clear top coat is really needed because otherwise it looks dry, dry, dry! When I woke up this morning, the outer ring was still visible (note to self: makeup remover).

I don't think that this is the color for me. Suggestions of favorites? I should mention that I have very pale lips naturally. I like a dramatic red and prefer a matte finish if it doesn't look too dry. But, glossy lighter reds have their place. I joked with my husband this weekend that I need to find two perfect reds: Darned Old Floozy Red and Church Red.

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