Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 21: Ray Bradbury

Not too long ago, Librarian D.O.A wrote a fine post about Ray Bradbury:

With Halloween coming up, I also need to write about him, as he is one of my favorites. When I was thirteen, my mom suggested a short story to me called "The Wind," which happened to be in a collection called The October Country by an author named Bradbury. I loved that story and that collection and soon was reading all of his work. I remember the pleasure I got from visiting my local library in Madison Heights, Michigan and discovering book after book.

The October Country is deliciously creepy and it took me to so many interesting places. With Bradbury, I shared the POV of a mystery writing dwarf, tired of his size and the cruelty of others, a young man revisting the site of the death of his childhood sweetheart, and a woman who just refused to die. I wondered about what resided in "The Jar" and longed for and feared the return of "The Emissary." Bradbury and I traveled to the Mexican catacombs on the Day of the Dead and peered through stained glass at "The Man Upstairs." And oh, all of the beautiful descriptions!

Pretty please, if you haven't read him, give this one a try. It's perfect for the bright blue days and chilly nights of October.

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