Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bad girls?

I recently finished reading Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr and I'm currently listening to the audiobook of Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. This is interesting timing, which I can take no conscious credit for, because both flesh out what happens to teen girls who get saddled with "bad" reputations. I think they are both excellent and thought provoking.

For now, I will only tell you about Story of a Girl. As a young teenager, Deanna was having sex in a car with a seventeen year old guy when her father caught them. This one moment pretty much defined her for the next three years. Her father couldn't talk to her, she was known as the school slut, etc. Now sixteen, Deanna finds a summer job, only to discover that her coworker is someone that she'd rather not deal with. Her two best friends provide her with support, but can she be a good friend back? To handle it all, she dreams of moving out of her parent's house and in with her older brother, his girlfriend and their baby. There, she figures, she can have a safe place to belong. This fine story shows Deanna growing past her fast girl label, the imperfection but endurance of friendship and family and the role of forgiveness.

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