Thursday, March 4, 2010

Etsy Purchase: Vintage Floral Serving Spoon!

I love Etsy. And vintage. And collecting things. That's why I was so easily inspired to buy this beautiful spoon after reading The Vintage Table: Personal Treasures and Stand-Out Settings by Jacqueline DeMontravel. It features such pretty pieces mixed and matched. So, it put me on the hunt for the lovely things that I did not inherit, but still long for.

I found this treasure of a spoon at:Round to It and Vintage.
Here is the description:
"Grand styled deeply etched serving spoon from the 1930/40’s era but could be earlier. Hallmarked with a shamrock and labeled “EPNS (electroplated nickel silver) ENGLAND”. Spoon measures 7.5” long and the bowl is 1.75 across which indicates a good serving size."

I love the dimensional flowers! I have visions of my table covered with an embroidered cloth, with mismatched dishes and accessories with loads of personality. And pretty iced cakes and adorable teacups. Dream with me, here.

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