Thursday, December 10, 2009

New family pet: Jack Zipes C.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I lost my very beloved 16 1/2 year old cat Thelma-Louise. She is irreplaceable, and I miss her very much. Our dachshund Zoe seemed a little lonely, though, with only one cat (Griffin) left to play with, and we decided to look for a new playmate for her and us.
Happily, our local pet rescue Homeward Bound, had a dachshund who needed to find a new home. We visited their PetCo adoption day and found a perfect new friend. I immediately fell in love with him, and Zoe and Kristian were game. So, we added our Jack to the family. We've named him after one of my heroes, former University of Minnesota professor, respected folklorist and author Jack Zipes.

Our Jack looks to be a very handsome dachshund, but his legs are pretty long and he is quite bouncy, so maybe he's a mix. He has a very sweet disposition, wags a lot, hardly barks and loves to sleep. Once home, Zoe made it clear that she is the boss, at first refusing to let him upstairs and fussing when he shared our laps with her. Now, she seems to be enjoying him and they are learning to cuddle and play together. Jack is an altogether satisfactory addition.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you, a new addition is so much fun, and at the perfect time of year! Mona

HT said...

Love the name! ;)


Knitting In The Stacks said...

I didn't realise that Thelma-Louise looks just like our Felix.
Sorry for your loss and happy for your gain.


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