Monday, November 2, 2009

Vintage 1950s Halloween film: House of Wax

Is Sue taking a nap or awaiting something more sinister?

Professor Jarrod loves his figure of Marie Antoinette.

Gratuitous Can-Can scene!

In this 1953 version of the story, Professor Henry Jarrod (the wonderful Vincent Price)is a talented sculptor in a wax museum who is betrayed and driven mad by a greedy colleague. Vowing to begin his creations anew, but unable to use his hands to do his fine work, he turns to an unorthodox method of making his mannequins.

Carolyn Jones plays the giggly blonde Cathy,who meets with an ill fate, which makes her friend Sue (Phyllis Kirk) suspicious of Prof Jarrod and leads to the revelation of the nasty secrets of the Wax Museum.

I enjoyed the scene of Cathy preparing for an evening out with the help of Sue. Definitely some pretty little underpinnings being displayed. Start at about 22 seconds into the clip above and please excuse the hanging scene that precedes it.

I remember watching this film on a childhood Sunday. When I was a kid there were frequent B movie horror films on TV on weekends. I now have a fondness for Vincent Price and his distinctive voice.

If you haven't seen this one, you really should!

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