Monday, October 26, 2009

Hair and Makeup Workshop at Lili's Burlesque Academy

Our lovely instructoress, Gina Louise, Ophelia Flame and Nadine Dubois!

Last Sunday my friend Sara and I went to learn about Burlesque hair and makeup at the Ritz Theater in Minneapolis at a workshop taught by the beautiful and talented Gina Louise. So, I packed up my Caboodle (yes, from the 1980s, but at least its pink and roomy)with various forms of eyeliner, my favorite mascara, many red lipsticks and anything else that might provide glitz and glamour. I was looking at it as a kind of sleepover without the ghost stories, snacks and sleeping over.

The seven of us got comfortable on the floor near the mirror, and Gina showed us pictures of many gorgeous ladies for some inspiration, shared some tips, and then we played with our makeup. She brought hers too, with lovely tubes of glitter to match the various eye shadow colors and lipstick.

She showed me a look for my eyes, which are hazel, using L'Oreal HIP shadow in Showy, which looked quite bright blue in the container but nice and smoky on the eye. Sara tried one eye in blue and the other in purple.

We had a great time! Possibly blurry photos to come.

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