Monday, May 11, 2009

Finally Flowers!

Viola Angel Tiger Eyes. Photo from:

On Saturday, my husband and I went to the the wonderful Friends School Plant Sale in Minneapolis to expand our garden. I had a ball choosing out of the perennials, annuals, wildflowers, water plants, and more that were stocked. They have the three day sale annually on Mother's Day weekend, so if you're local, check it out here for next year.

I have been planning for this since March, making lists of cottage garden flowers, and then pouring over the sale catalog to pick the best types of each. While I am interested in flowers and my husband wants fruit and vegetables. We want to expand the garden year by year to eventually get rid of most of our back yard and have a lovely cottage garden. I have been enviously looking at some beautiful blogs to learn from the talents of those gardeners.

Presently, we have raspberries, evening primrose, bellflowers and cranesbill. I had grand ideas of putting in twenty new perennials, but since I had the surgery, that seems out of reach. So, scaling down, I got Heavenly Blue Morning Glories to train up a trellis, and Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups that I planted in pots in the front yard. My perennial additions were Irises, Hollyhocks, Lady's Mantle, Columbine, Cottage Pinks, a pink Peony and bareroot Bleeding Heart. My husband got beans, heirloom tomatoes, grapes, cukenuts, corn, zucchini and maybe more.

Details soon!

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