Friday, January 23, 2009

Prettier than Elizabeth Taylor?

Clarice ensnared Rudolph with the bat of an eyelash.

Whoops! I dropped my water jug. Who will carry it for me?

The little lady.

Who made me the glamour girl at heart that I am today? In spite of whatever ways my family tried to steer me, look no further than this blog post to learn about the lovely femmes who showed me what being a girl was all about in the sixties and early seventies. I looked up to these ladies and tried to be like them, so don't mock ;)

I was the girliest of little girls, even though my parents gave me a sensible pixie haircut, and dressed me in things like jumpers, plaid skirts and turtlenecks. My favorite color was pink, I would only wear dresses, I wanted frills and curls and demanded to be allowed to grow out my hair once I hit first grade.

So naturally, I found a heroine in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer's girlfriend Clarice. She was a doe with a bow, big eyes, long eyelashes and she knew how to use them. Bat, bat, bat. Oh, yeah, I guess she was loyal, too.

The cute little village girl who appeared at the end of Disney's The Jungle Book taught me more body language. From her I learned the coy look back over the shoulder at your intended, combined with the head tilt and "shy" upward glance. Plus, she had that cute pink sari, more bows and a bindi. Mowgli was a besotted fool when she was around, and indeed, she did lead him out of the jungle, much to Balloo's disappointment.

I also loved Marie the kitten from Disney's The Aristocats. She had guess what color bows, a rich benefactoress and she was, after all, a cat. And she was very concerned with being a lady. Of course, I wanted to be her! She also gets a surrogate daddy, Mr. O'Malley, on whom I had a huge crush. So, there was an advantage to not being Marie after all. (Yes, it's true, I fell for a Disney cartoon Tom cat).
More on Monday.

Elizabeth Taylor: Prettier than me

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