Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bags of tricks

I found a cool website where artist Caitlyn recycles old books into fabulous purses like these. They are a bit spendy for me, but fun to look at. These are my current favorites. I chose The Light Princess because, as I'm sure you know, it is a fairytale by George MacDonald. I also really like the cover. And I couldn't resist Elsie Dinsmore because I love the old-fashioned cover and material chosen, and because other books are always referencing Elsie and her goody-goody ways.Look up: for many more title choices!
On a more risque note, Rebound also makes pins called "The Naughty Bits: Hot little pins with hot little thoughts" from text in trashy romance novels.
I like: "She bit her bottom lip,"
"Despite her husky pleas" and
"Eyes dark with passion."
They get naughtier yet, so make your choices here:


Anonymous said...

love love love the book purses! Double your pleasure, double your fun! M

oldflowers4me said...

i went and had a little look-divine.


Guinan 1990?-2009

Griffin ?-2010