Monday, September 15, 2008

Shake Your Shimmy

When it comes to bellydancing, I'm always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Not ready for prime time. A continual beginner. But meanwhile, I'm building up a fine knowledge of instructional bellydance DVDS. I have a nodding to intimate acquaintance with the following DVDs instructors (My current favorites in purple):

  • Amira Mor: Belly Dancing Your Way to Energy, Belly Dancing Cardio, Belly Dancing: Your Way to Your Soulmate, Belly Dance: Total Workout
  • Atea: Bellydance! Magical Motion, Bellydance! Slow Moves
  • Neena & Veena, the Bellytwins: BellyDance Fitness for Beginners series: Arms & Abs, Basic Moves, Hips, Buns & Thighs, Discover Bellydance series: Basic Dance, Mystic Dance, Bellytwins: Bellydance Core Conditioning
  • Rachel Brice: Tribal Fusion: Yoga Isolations & Drills for Bellydance
  • Dolphina: The Goddess Workout: Intro to Bellydance, Advanced Workout for the Warrior Goddess
  • Jayna: Bellydance for Romance
  • Jenna: Bellydance: Basics & Beyond
  • Jillina: Instructional Bellydance with Jillina: Level 1 and Level 2
  • Rania: Cardio Shimmy, Hip Hop Hip Drop, Pure Sweat, Bellydance Boogie, and Daily Quickies: Five Ten-Minute Workouts
  • Shamira: Bellydancing: the Sensuous Workout with Shamira
  • Suhaila: Fitness Fushion: Buns, FF: Jazz, FF: Yoga, FF: Pilates

A really helpful bellydance information site is: She also has helpful DVD reviews.

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