Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quest for the perfect mascara

Me in falsies

Like always, I'm looking for that amazing mascara that will make me look perfect. Sigh. It's an impossible request, but I still persevere. My desire was further spurred yesterday when my fine husband, Knobs to my Cleery, suddenly asked me if there are any "daily wear" false eyelashes, less trouble to apply than ordinary ones. Ahem. Not that I know of. But, eager to please and ready for some autumn glamour, it will be back to the store with me after work today.

I've been wearing L'oreal Voluminous Naturale in Blackest Black. Maybe the natural part was a mistake. I want to look better than natural. I want to feel the breeze when I bat my eyes. So, I haven't been too pleased with this mascara. On me, it clumps. Quite a bit. And the change to my lashes is not worth it.

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The Floating Lush said...

I just go old-school with the pink and green Maybelline. It doesn't make my lashes fat and luscious, but it does make them long. And it's usually not too clumpy.


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