Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Mascara

Last night I went out and bought myself some Maybelline Intense XXL in Very Black, and so far, very good. It went on well, made my lashes look VERY long, and my audience really likes the look. He said, "There aren't even any clumps; how'd you do that?" When I get done with work tonight, I'll see how it held up, if there was any flaking or smudging.
I also tried out some eyebrow stencils from Ardell to see if I could get my brows shaped up. The four shapes included are classic, elegant, delicate and glamorous. I went with glamorous, and using the stencil was not easy. If you had thin brows and you were just filling in with brow color it might be one thing, but I have thick brows, and I was trying to figure out how to prune.
I couldn't follow the stencil exactly, but I was happy with the results. I would really like to splurge and go to an eyebrow expert to be done. I've been waxed before, but I would like someone to teach me to fix them up with the tweezers.
Further, I'm tired of my hair again. It's time for fall beauty restlessness.

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